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Kim Salonga

Your Turn

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Mixed Media on Wooden Base
10 x 9 x 8 inches

The Iconic Mickey Mouse passing control is laden with significance. It's a moment of trust and transition, symbolizing the transfer of responsibility. The helm, traditionally a symbol of direction and control, here represents the decisions we face in the journey of life. By allowing you to take the helm, the sculpture suggests that it's your turn now to navigate through life's turbulent waters. This gesture of Mickey not only invites you to take charge of your own destiny but also serves as a reminder of the weight of accountability that comes with it. The artwork is a metaphorical call to action, urging the observer to embrace the responsibility that comes with making decisions. It reflects on the importance of steering your own course with wisdom and foresight, acknowledging that every choice we make shapes our journey ahead. Through this sculpture, I aim to convey that while guidance and inspiration can come from many sources, ultimately, the responsibility for our actions and their consequences rests with us