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Khrisna Rosette E. Nanola


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Khrisna Rosette E. Nanola 

Acrylic on Canvas 
48" x 48" 

”I paint whatever comes to my mind and paint my own reality. “
I believe that art is like a magic that lies behind every artists; loving hand. Just like other artists,I also painted various images that run in my weakened mind. I don’t let anything to hinder me to draw my own scene. I create my own masterpiece the way I see things with my eyes and heart together with emotion it produces upon me.


Khrisna is a Filipina young visual artist. She has painted in all styles such as realism, impressionism, cubism, abstract, and expressionism. She does best with mixed media art, painting either gouache on board or acrylic on canvas. Recently, she’s doing a doodle art using only pen and ink for her drawings. She paints under the influence of her family known as an ‘artist family’ since artistic talents simply run from the oldest to the youngest siblings.
She is also a member of University of the Philippines Painters’ Club [UPPC] in UPLB; Filipino Artists: Realist Movement (FA:RM)/United Artist of Las Pinas; Philippine Fauna Art Society (PhilFas); and Philippine Botanical Art Society (PhilBas); and Aral Art Society.