Collection: Retrospect | Nov 2021

What is your fondest childhood memory?
When faced with this question, we often find ourselves clinging to moments and images -- of play, discovery, and sheer delight. However, for the vast majority of us busy surviving in such a modern and competitive world, the exercise becomes futile. We try, for a moment or two, but simply aren't able to. We convince ourselves that it's down there, in our memory, somewhere... but the here and now is so much more pressing, urgent, compelling. Those moments of discovery and delight become discarded in the past, forever. There were no pictures yet. No phones we could whip out and begin recording. Many of us 20-somethings cling on to vintage photographs, old toys and relics, as trustworthy portals to our long forgotten past. In this exhibit, we want to give our audience a sense of nostalgia. We're all too busy. Our lives have become complex. Here's a dose of what was once simple, easy, and right.
   By means of Art, we can bring back all the remembrance and memento in our treasure chests. From the toys and street games to all our cultural jamborees and narratives we came upon our childhood days.
       The Grey Space proudly presents 'Retrospect' featuring different concepts, styles, techniques, and childhood experiences, composed of 18 artists from different parts of the country gathered to showcase exceptional visual artistry. This exhibit features works by Wendel Candawan, Bren Subido, MJ Cuasay, Boyet Dreamer, Yelcast, Rodel Medel, Yek Herrera, Cheyzer Manalo, Elmar Badal, Ada Panopio, Nino Cris Odosis, Justine Po, Jay Vincent Gatdula, VanPug, Juanito "Itto" Gatdula, Don Verano, Alds Garfin, and Kimberly Anne Carson Tolosa. Curated by Alds Garfin, designed by Chel Cue and Patricia Dy, and written by Marco Pantaleon.
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