Collection: Utlanan | Jul 2021

Stop. Look around. What has changed in the last year? Would you recognize who you were when that fateful day in March 16, 2020, came? A lot can change in a year. Even more can change over the course of a pandemic.

In the months since the pandemic, millions of people have been struggling, largely neglected. Artists, the true engines of society, have been surviving, adapting, and adjusting in the background. For many of us in the art community, there was no other option. On days when we were forced home, forced to be ourselves, it was artists that turned this confrontation with the self into an elegant mastery of art.

Here is one such elegance, featured in this exhibit: UTLANAN (BOUNDARIES). Through nine artists from Bohol, Philippines who struggled to navigate the pandemic, The Grey Space PH invites its audience to move, forward hopefully, into new boundaries, borders, and horizons. More than a year into a global pandemic, there is a growing sense of hope – a growing sense that we can dream again.