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Jhon Menard Pamonag


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Acrylic and Canvas

24”x 36”


This piece is about how the government-run of our country. Like in the game of chess, politicians only think about their positions than their purpose. They sit above the chain fueled by their greed for money and power. They don't seem to care about helping the countrymen below. These politicians are masters of the game that only they knew the mechanics.

Jhon Menard Pamonag (b.2001) was born at General Hospital in Quezon City in 2001. Throughout his life, Pamonag has been fascinated by the arts and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. He was drawn into paintings and drawings, naturally. His interest was cultivated during his teenage years as a SPA student at Muzon National High School and further developed when he opted to take his degree in Bachelor of Science in Entertainment, Multimedia, and Computing at the City College of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Pamonag is currently a member of an art collective group called Sining Biswal ng San Joseno, whose goal is to encourage San Joseno artists to expand their skills, have good relationships with fellow artists, and get to know their talents better. In his artworks, Pamonag wants to convey messages and bring his ideas to life as he works on his masterpieces. Pamonag cherishes the connection he has to the arts as he feels the artistic exchange between the art and the artist brings a lot of opportunities. Pamonag said that it brings him peace and gives him a feeling of deep belonging to the world through the arts.