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Vanessa Tria

Palawan's Beau

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Vanessa Tria

"Palawan's Beau"
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 24"

It is a place that is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful creations in the planet – no other than the archipelagic province of Palawan- a paradise like no other. Adding to its beauty is spectacular specie of bird, the Palawan Peacock- Pheasant (Polyplectron napoleonis). It is featured prominently in the culture of indigenous people and also included in the official seal of the local government. Just like humans, they also exert efforts to attract the opposite gender. Males fan out their alluring tails, showcasing their metallic blue robin-egg blue spots as a sign of courtship and to seek attention from the females. Who could even resist their beauty?.


Vanessa Tria is a contemporary artist born in Manila, Philippines in the year 1997. From an early age, she discovered that art is her soul mate. As she grew older, her heart for art grew fonder. She was full of vivid ideas in mind as she earned a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and became a licensed professional. Still, she was able to continue her passion as she kept on trying numerous mediums, to find out the perfect fit for her creative mind.

In her seven years of artistic endeavor, she has settled on the use of oils and acrylics as her painting medium, and use the swift of her fingers and palette knife to create striking impressionist strokes. Her art style started from abstract impressionism and expressionism that mostly involves nature and women as her subject, until she was infatuated with comical realism which incorporated her adoration for pugs as her main subject.

Her works and artistic journey have been featured Rappler (twice), When in Manila, and Philippine Star. She has joined online and physical art exhibitions locally and internationally and has sold several art pieces all over the country and even overseas. She was also included as a finalist in a nationwide art competition and featured by Novice Magazine.