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Neptalie Aunzo

Dream Catcher

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Neptalie ( Rico ) Aunzo | Dream Catcher

Acrylic on canvas
24 " x 24"

Pedrong Masipag Series "Dream Catcher" A father who are very supportive to his son.. to reach his goal, dream and become successful.

Neptalie Aunzo ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal — His real name is Neptalie Aunzo. However, he is also known as Pedrong Masipag (literally translated as Industrious or Hard Working Peter), a moniker given to him after the main character of his paintings—the man dressed in Barong Tagalog, the national costume of the Philippines which is made out of piña cloth or jusi, a sheer fabric hand-loomed from the abaca fibers, something that is plentiful in the Philippines, especially in the Bicol More than a character in his paintings Pedrong Masipag is more than a fictitious character, Aunzo said; it is actually someone he wants to emulate. “Pedrong Masipag is clothed with Barong Tagalog for he is a decent person, with high morals and earns an honest penny through his hard work. He is also humble and has respect to all,” Aunzo said in an interview in his home studio in Tanay, a first-class municipality in the Province of Rizal. “Moreover, Barong Tagalog is also a symbol of elegance and being a respectable person,” he added. He created Pedrong Masipag, Aunzo shares, to counter the despicable character in one of the popular folklores in the country, Juan Tamad (Lazy John). “We Filipinos are a hardworking people. And we do everything just for the sake of our family,” this self-taught artist shared with this writer during the interview.