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Ica Gonzalez


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Ica Gonzalez | Introduction

Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

In this piece inspired by the song, “Iris” by Googoo Dolls, a woman can be seen undressing calmly—revealing not only her body but the wholeness of herself; heart and soul included. Visually representing one’s willingness to be open to vulnerability, “Introduction” reminds us that sometimes, we are stronger when we allow ourselves to be seen in weakness.

Ica Gonzalez With the world on lockdown in 2020, Cavite-based artist, Ica Gonzalez, turned back to painting to process her emotions. From then on, she decided to create pieces that would shed light on stories that are common but are often kept buried by the people who own them. Mostly using women as her subjects, Ica’s works explore experiences on sexual and emotional struggles, loss, healing, and hope. In 2021, she started joining online art exhibits under Art Show Philippines which opened doors for her to meet other artists and led her to become a part of the ARAL Artist Community. Currently, Ica works as a freelance visual artist commissioning both digital and traditional art.