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Roselyn Mendoza

On Things We Can't

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"On Things We Can't"

Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas

24” x 24”


The global pandemic has caused a lot of things that we thought to be secured and stable have crumbled down to our feet at a very rapid pace that we could not even afford to react. This catastrophe has brought isolation together with the realization of the fact about the pandemic's existence has increased the levels of our anxiety. All of the things, that we have known our entire life to be stable, are all slipping out of control and everything feels like chaos. And as we approach our 3rd year of dealing with it, we are also easing our way with the new normal and slowly learning to let go of all the things beyond our control. This piece is talking about the experience and the struggle in dealing with the everyday anxiety and how we are now freeing ourselves of the anxiety on the things beyond our control.

Roselyn Mendoza (b.1996) is a Cavite-based artist who started drawing paper dolls and their clothes at the age of 7, dreaming to be a wedding gown designer and a flower shop owner when she’s older. In college, she came across watercolor painting and fell in love with the medium and has since been painting the things she likes, the things she’s curious of, the things she felt and experienced that mattered in and about her life. A graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Teaching Major in Architecture Technology, an NCIII Certified 2D Animator, a licensed professional teacher in secondary level and a business oriented artist. First exhibited at Prism Gallery for “Forever Flowers” Exhibit (2016). Followed by exhibits in various local mall events such as “Art for Everyone”(2018), Astro Likha’s “Likha Art Fair 2020” and for “National Women’s Month Celebration” (2021). Her works are currently exhibited at vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery for “A Malady of Sorts” Exhibit and is also exhibited at Art in the Park Online website under the same gallery (2022), at Ricardo’s Galeria Al Fresco for “Playlist: We’re Painting Your Songs!” Exhibit (2022) and an International Virtual Exhibit by Luna Galleria Philippines entitled “TransMission”. Also actively participating in Art Show Philippines’ weekly themed exhibit since August 2021 where she showcases her flexibility in art styles and such.