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Regino Abiño Jr. II

Speak No Evil

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Regino Abiño Jr. II | Speak No Evil

Oil on Canvas

15" x 20" x 1"


The intent of this artwork may be interpreted in a lot of different ways. Hence, a lot of people may view it from many different perspectives -- few may be repulsed and a few may even feel a sense of comfort from it. But the intent of the painting is not to give any concrete answer to whatever question one may feel to ask, but rather to engage one in creating more necessary questions to provoke the mind into thinking critically, differently, openly.

Iwazaru, one of the wise monkeys who embodies the phrase “Speak no Evil” is meant to be a guide for one’s prosperity. However, if one were to enforce this idea to others from their own interpretation of “evil” then it becomes not a guide for prosperity but rather a coercive repression of the freedom to speak.

"The kind of art that I desire to create is the kind that evokes not just a specific type of emotion, feeling, or mood but the kind that elicits questions. Questions that challenge our understanding of ourselves and of the world. However, I may not be or not near capable of expressing or comprehending the right questions to ask; I intend my art to become a flame that sparks curiosity. To not be obscure but to be literal is the goal to be as inclusive in my art as possible. Such purpose, just as any other norm we come to accept in our society, may be easily shrugged off for what it is, but challenging what is normalized helps us as individuals, as a society, and as humans evolve." - Regino Abiño Jr. II