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Julliana Del Rosario

Yellow Isn't the Brightest Color?

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" Yellow Isn't the Brightest Color? "

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 36"


The work circles around the idea of toxic positivism and how we can recognize it through our own actions. Orange and blue are complementary colors and the amount of blues and oranges you place on a work defines its mood. The ratio of blue and orange in this work is almost equal and it feels alien. I wanted to encapsulate the feeling of becoming aware of what it is that we are doing when we encounter negativity. We’ve created a world of comfort by avoiding sadness and during the past years, it has become unbearable. We are breaking, and bleeding yet we revert to old practices and paint ourselves yellow as if nothing happened. Simultaneously suspended in the yellow light of traffic, hoping for the cycle to end.

"Julliana del rosario is a 19-year-old college undergraduate from Taytay, Rizal. They continue to venture through different art styles, leaning into more cultural subjects using their own brand of cubism. They say that “Painting subjects in a style that focus on the colors and shapes intermingling is like looking at the world through kaleidoscope lenses. Somewhat distorted and psychedelic yet magically mesmerizing. It’s a bit twisted but it does not take away the beauty of the subject, rather adding the feeling of wonder upon experiencing it”. Growing up Julliana started drawing small comics at the back of their school notebooks, interested in portraying the emotional experiences derived from their surroundings. It was in high school that she entered a school for the arts to hone their skills in storytelling through paintings and drawings. Continuing their career in the field of arts, Julliana now pursues a program in Studio Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman."