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Gab Colico

You Placed Yourself There

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“You placed yourself there”

Acrylic on Canvas

24”x 24”



"We often think that there’s a moment in our lives where we ask God, “God, why did You place me here?” But in reality we want to be placed there! Let me explain why… It is nature to us to cope and view negativity right away. That no matter how good things are, we will still see bad in it. It’s bind in our DNA that we will never be content. Sometimes we pray to get something and God is so merciful that even tho we are not worthy of anything, He will still give it to us. God is a God who sustains. If we pray for something, He will not just give it to us right away. He will develop us and shape us to handle the things that we prayed for in order for us to sustain it. And We fight the process so much because we are struggling but in reality the reason why we’re going through it is because we prayed for a bigger role in life. It’s not a monster that’s eating us-it’s the actually the process that we need to go through to get what prayed for!"